Project History

This page will provide a chronicle of progres for the project (latest item first).

April 2021

Simon 2E0CRV connected to the tunnel

More members onboard (Greg M0ODZ, Tom M0HYE)

NOV GB7NED rejected by OFCOM 22/04/21, Reapplied with lower power and change of frequency

More RF tests from G0BZY and G4EKM

Zoom meeting witgh ORV W6BL

Equipment delivery delays from EU

New version of AREDN firmware available and installed on some nodes

March 2021

Get more members onboard (Scott 2E0TWX, Simon 2E0CRV, Terry G1LPS)

Apply for mailbox NOV GB7NED for 5GHZ (1March 21)

Checking of equipment for ICNIRP general public limits

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Site visit checks at Hastings Hill, Downhill

Connect more members onto the tunnel

G0BZY node installed on outdoor mast - some QRM due to unscreened cable on HF/VHF/UHF

G4EKM node installed on main outdoor mast (rotablable)

Initial tests between 2E0TWX and G0BZY home qth's using TPLink and Mikrotik devices. Too obstructed.

Tests with Mikrotik SXT Lite5 SXT5nDr2 devices but problems exist at 10/5Mhz bandwidths - passed to AREDN gurus.

NEDNET conneccted to MeshPhone via Ruud PE1BTV and Mark N2MH

G0BZY performing portable RF tests - managed G0BZY and G4EKM but must be LOS - no obstructions

Individual equipment being purchased by members.

February 2021

Promote NEDNET within the RAYNET weekly activity net.

Tunnel provided for members to connect together

PBX created and VOIP working, extensions allocated based upon location

Mail Server created

Mesh Chat server created

Web Page created on mesh

Web Camera services created - G0BZY, G4EKM,G4LIA

Proper antenna installed by G0BZY for testing (out of shack window)

Get more members onboard (Barry G0SCI, Ian G7ESY, Simon 2E0NMK)

Continue to collect 5GHZ gear

Equipment at G4EKM and G0BZY made safe in cases and racks

Enquire about NOV for nodes and services

Make enquiries about siting node antenna on a multi storey in the centre of Sunderland

Complete initial computer modelling exercise for LOS and results published

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Project callsign allocated M0JLX

January 2021

Create Facebook™ group - North East Data Network

Create website

Get more members onboard (Mark 2E0LOW)

Obtain Mikrotik router boards, Mikrotik HAP and Mikrotik LDF5 for testing

Configure Ubiquiti Rocket M5's

Start computer modelling mapping exercise

Experiment with mesh software services

March 2020 - December 2020

Watching many videos regards mesh networking and AREDN and talking about it